About Us

Local IT and Telecom Experts in and Around Southampton

Who Are We?

Southampton IT Support is one of the leading IT Support & Telecoms provider for businesses, delivering a range of carefully selected award-winning solutions as well as a comprehensive range of cloud and cyber security solutions.

Intouch Communications are a business-to-business service provider, giving specialist advice for each service and guaranteeing a professional solution every time.

24 Hour Support

We can provide your business with round the clock support and monitoring.

Our team is your team

We want you to consider us a member of your team, your own IT department.

We try hard to find a solution

We won't tell you something is impossible, instead we work to find a suitable solution.

Designed to support SME's

We care about the little guys because we're one of them as well.

We don't speak in geek

We simply communicate in plain English; we don't confuse you with technobabble.

Experts in Cyber Security

Our team hold some of the highest Cyber Security qualifications available.

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Your Journey to Better IT Starts Here!

Changing IT provider can seem scary and daunting… We promise to make your journey to us as smooth and worry free as possible!

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