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Cyber Security Solutions Designed for sme's

Cyber attacks are on the rise, and any organisation could become a victim. Our array of cyber security solutions enables us to assist businesses of all sizes in protecting themselves against cyber threats.

We will ensure your business has the necessary measures in place to protect against cyber threats and train your staff on how to spot cyber threats.



We have an extensive collection of software, hardware, and applications that can assist you in protecting your company…

  • Managed anti-virus with built-in ransomware protection
  • Full disk and file based encryption
  • Round the clock infrastructure monitoring 365 days a year
  • Advanced content and DNS filtering
  • Cyber awareness training
  • Managed software and hardware based firewalls
  • 24/7 darkweb monitoring 
  • Two-factor-authentication management
  • Next-gen email security and phishing protection
  • Automated patch management and updates

Explore how our services can help protect your business...

Our 3 step process designed to help secure your business


The first step to protect your business against cyber threats is to predict when, and where your business is likely yo be attacked.


Following that, we provide a customised solution for your company based on the findings of the initial audit performed at the predict stage.


The final step is to protect your business by implementing our agreed solutions and providing you with an required training.

Start builiding your 3 step plan today...

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Changing IT provider can seem scary and daunting… We promise to make your journey to us as smooth and worry free as possible!

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