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Managed Backups for SME's

With businesses being more reliant on IT and technology today than ever before it can be devastating when disaster strikes. From lost orders and revenue to potentially large fines, it can be almost impossible for business to survive without backups & continuity plans in place.

Additionally, it’s now a GDPR requirement for businesses to have appropriate measures in place to restore access to personal data in the event of a disaster such as, cyber attacks, fire/flood, or even through simple human error e.g. deleting customer files.

Protect your business against downtime

We take backups seriously and offer a variety of different backup solutions that include key features such as:

  • 24/7 monitoring and management 
  • Regular backup testing
  • Support for all operating systems and devices
  • Quick data and system restoration
  • Data replication to UK datacentres
  • Protection against critical systems failure and data loss
  • Fully image and data level backups
  • Scalable solutions to accommodate any amount of data

Prepare your business for the worst...

Why choose us for managed backups

We could tell you loads of reasons to why you should choose us but here are 3 key reasons

Proactive managed backups

How we ensure your backups are always working


We actively monitor all your backups for any failures or issues, be them minor or critical.


If an issue is detected our monitoring tools will create a support ticket in our helpdesk portal.


Using a combination of automated scripts and remote support, our team will fix the issues.

Your Journey to Better IT Starts Here!

Changing IT provider can seem scary and daunting… We promise to make your journey to us as smooth and worry free as possible!

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